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Hostile Sky

Hostile Sky


Signed Limited Edition Print - World War II - Robert Taylor

2nd print in the Protagonists Series

High over Belgium, 1944, a B-24 has been hit and is losing touch with the main bomber formation, as Luftwaffe pilots concentrated their attentions on the unfortunate aircraft. Two Fw190s, are zooming up for the kill on the damaged B-24. Seeing the desperate situation, a P-38 escort pilot has made a head-on attack, splitting the pair of Fw190s, and thwarting their attempt to finish off the B-24. Another P-38, aware of the situation, is turning into the path of the Fw190s.

Real Size: 34" x 25"

Edition : 1250 (worldwide)

Signed by the artist, Robert Taylor

Additional Signatures
Colonel Gerald Brown, Colonel John Lowell, Captain Alfred Grislawski, Captain Gunther Schack

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