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Savage Skies (The Tribute Edition)

Savage Skies (The Tribute Edition)

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World War II - Signed Limited Edition Print - Robert Taylor

B-24 Liberators from the USAAF 2nd Air Division come under attack from Fw190D-9s of III./JG54 Green Hearts over Koblenz, 31 December 1944.

Comes complete with an original pencil drawing by Robert Taylor hand signed by Erwin Leykauf, Adjutant of III./JG54 and IV./JG54 - each original drawing is conservation matted to the highest standards to include the original and genuine signatures of two of the most outstanding and highly respected Luftwaffe commanders of World War II, Walter Nowotny, Kommandeur of I./JG54 and Hannes Trautloft, Kommodore of JG54 - these leading figures from JG54 amassed between them a total of 348 victories.

Real Size: 34 5/8" x 23 1/2"

Edition : 10 (worldwide)

Signed by the artist, Robert Taylor

Additional Signatures
Major Hans-Ekkehard Bob, Leutnant Norbert Hannig, Major Eric Rudorffer, Albert 'Bert' Biel, Hugo Broch, Wilbur Lee 'Web' Clingan, Gustav Drees, G W Ford, Heribert Koller, Hermann Schleinhege

Comes complete with a unique and original pencil drawing by Robert Taylor, double matted to conservation standards to include the original signatures of Major Walter Nowotny, Oberleutnant Erwin Leykauf, Generalleutnant Hannes Trautloft

Very Rare Edition