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Hellcat Fury (The War in the Pacific Edition - Artist Proof)

Hellcat Fury (The War in the Pacific Edition - Artist Proof)


Signed Limited Edition Print - World War II - Robert Taylor

Band of Brothers Part V : The American Air Commands in the Pacific 1942-1945

Truk, the small atoll in the South Pacific, was the major anchorage for the Japanese Fleet. Comprising a magnificent harbor and four heavily defended airfields, it was thought impregnable by the US forces as they fought their way up through the Pacific. But on 16-17 February 1944 a violent two-day aerial assault by carrierborne aircraft of Task Force 58 exploded the myth. In just two days the US Navy flyers sunk over 200,000 tons of Japanese naval shipping and destroyed an estimated 275 enemy aircraft, totally eliminating all effectiveness of the Japanese base. This print depicts Hellcats of VF6 hurtle across the lagoon at masthead height with guns blazing, creating havoc as they tear into the enemy positions below. Seen in the foreground is the F6F-3 of Lt. Alex Vracui, subsequently to become one of the Navy's top guns.

Real Size: 35" x 24"

Edition : 25 (worldwide)

Signed by the artist, Robert Taylor

Additional Signatures
Commander Willis E Hardy USN, Commander Hamilton McWhorter USN, Commander Alex Vraciu USN, Commander John Ted' Crosby USN, Colonel Archie G Donahue USMC, Lt Commander Fred 'Buck' Dungan USN, Lt Commander James E Duffy USN, Captain John R Strane USN, Commander Ed 'Wendy' Wendorf USN

Comes complete with matching numbered companion print 'Pacific Pirate'