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Into The Teeth Of The Wind (Commemorative Proof)

Into The Teeth Of The Wind (Commemorative Proof)


Signed Limited Edition Print - World War II - Robert Taylor

In one of his most dramatic paintings to date Robert pays tribute to the men that bravely carried out one of the most daring air attacks in history. On April 18th 1942 in retaliation to the attack on Pearl Harbor, Colonel Jimmy Doolittle leads his Tokyo Raiders from the heaving deck of the USS Hornet, on a one way mission to strike at the heart of Imperial Japan.

Each print in this edition is accompanied by an exclusive pencil companion print the two are signed by a total of TWELVE Doolittle Raiders:

Edition : 300 (worldwide)

Signed by the artist, Robert Taylor

Additional Signatures
Major General David M Jones, Staff Sergeant David J Thatcher, Lieutenant Colonel Richard E Cole, Staff Sergeant Edwin W Horton, Major Thomas C Griffin, Lieutenant Colonel Frank A Kappelar, Lieutenant Colonel Chase J Nielson, Colonel William M Bower, Lieutenant Colonel Edward J Saylor Lieutenant Colonel Robert L Hite, Second Lieutenant William L Birch, Mr Tung - Sheng Liu