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Into The Teeth Of The Wind (Artists Proof)

Into The Teeth Of The Wind (Artists Proof)


Signed Limited Edition Print - World War II - Robert Taylor

Bound for Tokyo, Lieutenant Colonel Jimmy Doolittle launches his B-25 Mitchell from the heaving deck of the carrier USS Hornet on the morning of 18 April, 1942. Leading a sixteen-bomber force on their long distance one - way mission, the Doolittle Raiders completed the first strike at the heart of Imperial Japan since the infamous attack on Pearl Harbour four months earlier. Together, they completed one of the most audacious air raids in aviation history.

Edition : 25 (worldwide)

Signed by the artist, Robert Taylor

Additional Signatures
Major General David M Jones, Staff Sergeant David J Thatcher, Lieutenant Colonel Richard E Cole, Staff Sergeant Edwin W Horton, Major Thomas C Griffin