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Holding The Tide (Artist Proof)

Holding The Tide (Artist Proof)


Signed Limited Edition Print - World War II - Richard Taylor

– THE BATTLE FOR GUADALCANAL – On 7 August 1942, just eight months after the dramatic events at Pearl Harbor, the United States First Marine Division stormed ashore on the island of Guadalcanal. It was the opening gambit of the land war in the Pacific. Richard Taylor’s new masterpiece portrays Captain Joe Foss as he leads the F4F Wildcats of VMF-121 back to Henderson Field after a day of desperate fighting against the Japanese in the skies over the steaming jungles of Guadalcanal in November 1942. It would be another three months before the island was finally secured, during which time Joe Foss would achieve an astonishing 26 victories to become the first American pilot to equal WW1 Ace Eddie Rickenbacker’s score.

Real Size: 24" x 32"

Edition : 25 (worldwide)

Year: 2010

Signed by the artist, Richard Taylor

Additional Signatures
Commander Leslie Fortner USN, Captain Stanley ‘Swede’ Vejtasa USN, Commander Dean Laird USN, Lieutenant Colonel Jim Swett USMC Medal of Honor

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