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Artic Hurricanes (Artist Proof)

Artic Hurricanes (Artist Proof)


Signed Limited Edition Print - World War II - Richard Taylor

From a remote and windswept airfield 15 miles north-west of Murmansk in the freezing Arctic wastelands, a small group of RAF Hurricane pilots held the Luftwaffe at bay. Richard Taylor’s evocative scene remembers the ‘forgotten’ heroes of Force Benedict as Hurricane IIbs from 81 Squadron tangle with Luftwaffe Bf109s over snow-clad forests as they escort Russian bombers in October 1941.

Real Size: 33¼" x 36¾"

Edition : 25 (worldwide)

Year: 2013

Signed by the artist, Richard Taylor

Additional Signatures
Wing Commander John Elkington, Warrant Officer Eric Carter, Hauptmann Karl-Fritz Schlosstein